El desgarrador relato de Miah, la niña de 11 años que sobrevivió a la masacre en Uvalde, Texas

Texas, United States.- Miah Cerrillo, 11, is one of the survivors of the massacre perpetrated at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, last Tuesday, May 24, in which  some 18 children and two teachers died.

According to the CNN television network, fearing that the attacker would come back for her, the girl  smeared the blood of one of her classmates wounded in the shooting and “played dead.”

Recalling the horrible experience she suffered that day inside the classroom where the attack occurred, Miah said that she and her classmates were watching the movie “Lilo and Stitch” when her teachers found out that  there was an armed attacker inside the campus. school.

Immediately, one of the teachers went to lock the door but the girl  said that the attacker was already there  and shot through the window of the door.

As the victim told CNN, the tragedy happened very quickly when the attacker burst into the room, looked one of his teachers in the eye,  said “good night” and then shot him.

The girl continued narrating what she experienced and stated that  after the first shot, many others followed,  fatally wounding the other teacher and many of Miah’s friends.

Miah said bullets flew past her, fragments hitting her shoulders and head. After firing indiscriminately, the girl saw the suspect walk into another room and from where she was  she heard screams and more shots.

One of the things the girl remembers from the terrifying day is that after the shooting stopped, the attacker started playing sad music that she described as  the kind of music where “you want people to die.”

The girl and a friend managed to get hold of her dead teacher’s phone and call 911 for help. Please send help because we’re in trouble ,” Miah quoted her words to the operator.

The girl assured CNN that she was afraid that the attacker would return for her and for the other infants who survived and  that fear led her to her hands in the blood of a classmate , who was lying next to her, already deceased, and to smear it. to play dead.

Through tears, Miah recounted that she was there, with her partner’s blood on her,  for approximately three hours  until she felt the police arrive.

Miah’s mother revealed to the international media that  her daughter is traumatized. 

The victim was too scared to speak on camera, but said she wanted to share her story so “hopefully  we can prevent a tragedy like this from happening to other kids .”

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